About Us

Helping patients, clinicians and managers


Our goal is to help patients, clinicians and managers to quantify the things that really matter most to them.  All health and care services exist solely to help patients and their families to live happier healthier lives. Health services help by enabling better outcomes, as perceived by patients and providing excellent service.

The only way to measure these things is to ask people about them using surveys completed by patients, staff or carers. Unfortunately, such surveys are often long and tedious, with the results only becoming available months later. Our mission is to change these using surveys that are short, quick and easy to use, and to make the results available almost immediately in a form that is immediately clear to all.

Our work does not depend what is the matter with the patient, because those with greatest need usually have multiple conditions and what really matters is pretty universal. For this reason all our measures are generic, which means that they are independent of patients’ conditions, mode of treatment or the specialty of their clinicians. We have built up a family of more than 40 measures which all work in the same way. These have been validated and published in peer-reviewed journals. They can be picked and mixed as required.